Be a friend, not an owner

Small & Ethical

What do we mean by that?

Our Vision is that you should have time for every individual and every Litter. That's why we don't grow bigger. 

Also, cats should't be kept in cages. Our animals walk through our House. 

Studs should't be in cages either, therefore we keep him seperate from our Queens, so that he does not get stressed and can enjoy his life in freedom in our House. Just like our Queens do. 

More Cats, means more stress and more risks regarding health. 

Also we select our Breeding Cats very carefully, in order to sustain a high breed standard.


Unfortunately it is not yet mandatory to extensively test Ragdolls before it is allowed to breed. 

We think health is very important and therefore test all our cats on FIV/Felv, test their DNA, Bloodgroup and make an annual ultrasound (HCM & PKD) before the Queen is allowed to visit our Stud. Whithout good results, our cats will be spayed/neutered. 

We provide a health guarantee for our Kittens on hereditary diseases.


Is so important! We spent lots of time with our cats and kittens. It is important that kittens get used to changing situations, new voices, household sounds and other animals. They will have a much better start with the new owner, and the owner will experience more joy on their well-behaving and friendly companion for life.

Our kittens grow up with little children. They spend most of their time in our living room. After they are born, usually in our bedroom, the litter stays there for the first three weeks. When they start to move around, we introduce them to a little more space, still in our bedroom. As soon as the litter is ready, depending on the mother as well, they usually move to our living room by the age of four weeks. We have a transparent Panel system we use to keep them save and no one accidentally steps on them when they are still so small and slowly moving. As soon as they are potty-trained, and walking a bit more secure, they are allowed to go out of the safe zone and explore the rest of the house. Learn how to walk stairs, visiting the bathroom and the kitchen.

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Healthy Food

Ragdolls can be sensitive on their stomach and intestines. Healthy food is very important. There is so much to choose from, but we've chosen ANiFiT. ANiFiT is a Swiss company that produces a natural Cat & Dog food. You can read more about it on my website.

Thank you for Visiting our website. You will find lots of Information about our Cattery, our Vision about Breeding and our Animals. 

SwissDolls Cattery is based in Switzerland & the Netherlands. 

Explore our website to find out why. 

We speak Englisch, (Swiss)German and Dutch.