Get to know us


Ineke is the mother of Carin and lives happily married in the Netherlands. Loves travelling as well and making art with all kind of fabrics. She has lived on a dairy farm when she was young and was always surrounded by animals, helping the cows to give birth and cuddling the cats. She was no stranger to kittens and loved the idea of joining her daughter Carin with the Cattery. After her last cat died in 2022, there was room to get our own Stud. Our King lives with her in the Netherlands in freedom in the house. As she is freshly retired, she has lots of time to give him cuddles and take him as a companion on travels. 


Carin is married, has 3 young Children and lives in Sattel, Switzerland. She is the founder of SwissDolls Cattery.

Loves exploring other countries, photographing and her family & close friends. Originally a Dutchie, but happily living in Switzerland since 2014.

She loves Animals in general, always wanted to become a veterinarian, but decided on doing something medical for People instead.

The love for animals was always there. Living with cats for most of her life. In 2021 she decided to take the step and tried to raise a litter, and since then she was hooked. The children had so much joy with the kittens, and we loved making other families happy pet owners. So we continued doing so and SwissDolls was officially born.


Our close friend Esther lives in the Netherlands as well. She has breeding experience with dogs and cats for more than 25 years. Esther is happily living with her pets and has two grown up Children and is a grandmother. Esther is, besides our dear friend, our big support regarding everything about breeding. Our helping hand in need and takes care of our cats when we need it.