Queens, Königinnen

Lou-Lou Vanatotz

Date of Birth 20-4-2022

RAG n 04 (Seal Point Mitted)

DNA testet

Bloodgroup A

FIV/Felv neg

Ultrasound, negative for HCM and PKD (2023)


Lou-Lou is a sweet and very relaxed girl. She doesn't like a lot of bustle. Lou-Lou is extremly clean, she can wash herself all day. The day that she isn't clean still needs to come. She also takes care of other kittens from our other cats, when she thinks they need to be washed. Lou Lou has a very nice long body and extremly silky coat.

She loves sleeping in our bedroom and going for a stroll (accompanied) outside. She is a bit on her own, but shows up when my Husband comes home from work. She totally adores him. The same with Ineke. She also loves our King Boaz, so we decided on letting Boaz and Lou Lou spent as much time together as possible. When both their breeding carriers end, they will stay and be rehomed together. They are just made for each other. 

Lou-Lou lives 50/50 in Switzerland with Carin and in the Netherlands with our King Boaz and Ineke.

My Epic Chamilla

 Date of Birth 15-3-2023

RAG n 03 (Seal Point Bicolor (high mitted))


DNA tested

Ultrasound negative for HCM & PKD (2024)

FIV/Felv Negativ.

Chamilla lives in Switzerland with Carin.

Chamilla has an absolute lovely character. She follows you around the house and loves to talk. She is playfull, but very cuddly. Prefers sleeping on her back next to you. She loves treats and has special moves (imitating a squirrel) to get your attention when you forget about her treat. 

She has a very long body, big feet and beautiful fluffy coat. Long tail and strong chin. I really like her profile and Character.