Here you will find our past Litters, but also our current Litters and future plans. We'll keep this website up to date. Plans doesn't mean it will happen.. Breeding is still depending on the cats and mother nature. 

Available means, not reserved yet and still free for you to visit or inform about. 

Reserved means "earnest payment is made", the kitten is still with us. 

Moved to new owner means that the kitten is living in their new forever home. 

Under Evaluation might be suitable for breeding, will possible stay longer and is not open to reserve as pet yet. 

If you would like to see more pictures from Available Kittens, click on the Picture of the kitten of your choice when there is written available..

Breeder to Breeder. 

Obvious we also have kittens for other Ethical Breeders available. Breeders always get first choise.

All our kittens have Bloodgroup A or AB  and are PG-free. 

We do however NOT sell to the Netherlands and Belgium for Breeding and depending on the combination neither to Poland,  and only to Breeders who breed with Pedigree by organisations who are members of The World Cat Congress (WCC).

My Epic Boaz    x   Nicoletta Koci Eden *PL 

To be expected late 2024 

Kittens will be Seal or Blue and all Bicolor, with or without lynx.

My Epic Boaz   x   My Epic Betsie

To be expected late 2024 or early 2025

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for this combination, send a request by email. Kittens will be Seal or Blue and all Bicolor.

My Epic Boaz    x   My Epic Chamilla 

To be expected May 2024

The waitinglist for this combination is full. Kittens will be Seal or Blue and all Bicolor

My Epic Boaz    x   Lou-Lou Vanatotz

Date of Birth 2th of February 2024

My Epic Boaz    x   Mirabel von Klettgau

Date of Birth June 15th 2023.

My Epic Boaz    x   Pippi MaiNaMakuaMai

Date of Birth April 14th 2023.