Until one has known the love of a pet, a part of one's Soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France

Cats & Tulips

Our Cattery is not only registered with TICA, but also with Cats & Tulips in the Netherlands. 


Pedigree from TICA

All our Kittens get a 4 generation-Pedigree from TICA. 


Kitten pack

Of course, you will get a big box of food the Kitten is used to eat.


Thank you for your Interest in our Kittens.  

When you decide on buying a Kitten from us, you may expect a well socialized companion. 

The Kittens are allowed to move out when they are 13 Weeks. Aboard 15 Weeks due to the Rabies Vaccin. 

Our Kittens will be ready to be adopted when they are

  • fully Vaccinated
  • dewormed 4 times
  • microchipped
  • received their pedigree
  • health checked by our Vet. 

We offer you:

  • Health Guarantee 
  • Taking the Kitten back by unknown Allergie
  • Free Delivery in the Netherlands & Switzerland
  • After Sales - Support. Our service does not end after selling you the Kitten.


Don't hesitate to contact us true the contact formular and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Please, don't forget to give us a little background information about you and your family/living situation, and what you are looking for in your future Cat. We believe Character should match the owner, not every Ragdoll is the same. We always try to make the best match possible. 

Veterinary Care & Support

We have a great Veterinarien near to our Home in Switzerland. Our Kittens get their Chip, Vaccins, Passport and health Check there. 



If you buy a kitten from a breeder, you often get discounts from some companies that sell cat accessories.

We often buy cat litter and toys from zooplus.ch (you will get a discount on your first order using this link).

Cat trees at Rufi Drapaki (6%) and also at Petrebels (5%). We think both companies sell good quality cat trees.

At both companies, you get a discount when you mention our Catteryname and buy directly from the repairer.