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Today Boaz went to the specialist for his annual check - up. We are very glad that his heart is still free from HCM and no signs of other organ damages. Also we've done a full bloodwork check, better safe than sorry. Our boy is very healthy and we received many compliments on him. Currently we are enjoying his first offspring with Lou Lou. Please look how cute his son Toulouse is growing. 



After a lot of waiting, Lou Lou had her first litter on the 2nd of February. She is doing so great with her babies! I'm very prout of her. May I present to you: SwissDolls Aristocat-litter: Duchess - Thomas O' Malley - Berloiz - Toulouse - Roquefort. 4 Boys and 1 Girl. 



So Nicoletta is a little over two weeks in our house. After her quarantaine (and Vet-check) ended, she is now starting to explore our house bit by bit and getting to know us and the three other girls. She is very funny, playfull and super cuddly. I'm very glad this new girl joined our Cattery. Let's hope her beautiful eye color (yes they are extremly beautiful & dark) will be passed on to her future babies. 



So we have just visited the veterinarian for an ultrasound on Lou Lou. And guess what?! She is pregnant. I'm over the moon and I pray that everything will go well with our sweet Lou Lou and she will give us some pretty & healthy kittens. 



Time to introduce you to our new Youghster Chamilla. Chamilla is a big girl, and a talker. She is born in March 2023, so we will test her DNA first and Ultrasound when she turns one year old next year. Chamilla is a Seal Bicolor carrying dillution. So her future babys can also be Blue. 



So I started something new for my kitten buyers and people on our waiting list.. I've made our first Newsletter. Some tips & tricks can be find and information about new litters, future plans or developments in our little Cattery. I will safe them on the website as well, so everyone that is interested (for now, only in German, sorry) can take a look. If you also want to receive our newsletter, please send an email and I will add you. 

Intending on making the newsletter every season of the year. What do you think of this idea?

Betsie Blue


First peekaboo of our new Youghster Betsie Blue. A big thank you to Sandra from My Epic Cattery in Belgium who trusted another cat to our Cattery. Betsie is a big cuddlebear, and says hello to every new visitor. She is born the 10th of May 2023, so we will test her DNA and Ultrasound when she turns one year old next year. 

Exciting News, new Queen(s)


As we have retired Pippi and Mirabel, both after just one litter, (and Mirabel only gave us boys..), we've purchased ourselves new future queens, with a nice Pedigree. No more tortie or creame unfortunately, so in the coming years no more Red Kittens for us. Going back all traditionall.

They are currently in the Netherlands with my mother Ineke and our stud Boaz. Getting to know each other and giving Boaz someone to play with. Late October I will bring them in Switzerland to stay and live with me and my family, and Lou Lou (our only Queen left) will go back to my mother to stay with Boaz. Lou Lou adores my Mother, so she will be happy I guess. Hopefully she will bring us some beautiful Kittens later this year. The first attempt did not work out unfortunately, the Vet made an ultrasound last Thursday, everything looks just fine and we've got green lights to try again. The first attempt was a bit of a wild card I have to admit. My mother was spontaneous visiting with Boaz, and Lou Lou was already in her 6th day of heat. They really liked each other, next attempt we wil do by the book on the 2nd day.

Pictures of our new girls will follow in October...

All Kittens from the ABCDE litter found their new home. 


Mirabel found her new forever home


I'm very happy that Mirabel found her new forever home with a very nice Family in Switzerland. She will live together with SwissDolls Delta, her son.  They will move out together half September when Delta is 13 Weeks of Age. It was a very hard decision, but you have to take care of your Animals. As a breeder, I still put my cats happiness in the first place. Mirabel needs a quiet envoirement, without dominant cats mobbing her. Delta has a lovely Character, and I expect them to be very happy togehter in the future. 

Pippi found her new forever home


I'm very happy that Pippi found her new forever home with a very nice Family. She will stay in Switzerland and will live together with SwissDolls Alfa. Son of Mirabel von Klettgau and My Epic Boaz. It will definitly bring some tears, but I'm glad that Pippi can enjoy her retirement with a lovely family and a perfect Garden to explore and play. She will love that. They will move out together half September when Alfa is 13 Weeks of Age. 

Pippi Retired


Today Pippi got spayed and is officially retired. Luckely everything went well during surgery, let's hope the recovery will go fine as well. When she is all recoverd and put on some weight (the kittens really took all her fat... ) we will find a nice place for her to enjoy the rest of her hopefully long life. 



The Kittens from Mirabel von Klettgau & My Epic Boaz are starting to eat. Always a milestone when they start :-). 4,5 Weeks now.

Website in the Air


Finally, we did it! Making websites is not really my thing, but I believe it worked out pretty well :-)

We will continue to work on a multiple language-website, but for now it remains in Englisch.

We do however, also speak German and Dutch, so if you want to require for more Information, please don't hesitate to do so in one of those languages! 

Thanks for Visiting!