King, König

My Epic Boaz

Date of Birth 19-5-2022

RAG n 03 (Seal Point Bicolor (high mitted))

DNA testet

Bloodgroup A

FIV/Felv neg

Ultrasound, negetive for HCM and PKD (2023 &2024)


Boaz is a real Gentleman. He is very sweet and well behaving. We love his strong chin and ear-set besides his great Character. He is such a sweet loverboy. Not once he harmed one off our girls. Always curious who is there and keeping his distance when he noticed that the other cat needs more time. Boaz really loves our Lou Lou. They can play and cuddle all day. We'll try to let them stay together as much as possible. 

Boaz lives in The Netherlands with Ineke, where he is far away from a life in cages. He keeps the bed warm and, when not occupied with Lou Lou, sitting next on the sofa watching Television together.