Retired, but still in our Hearts, Im Ruhestand

Pippi MaiNaMakuaMai

Date of Birth 27-1-2022

RAG e (Creme Point)

DNA testet

Bloodgroup Ab

FIV/Felv neg

Ultrasound, negetive for HCM and PKD in 2023

Spayed on 25-7-2023

Mother of 1 Litter (4 Kittens) DOB 14-4-2023

Pippi is the sweetest of Ragdolls you could wish for. This girl is so lovely to all the other animals. She loves going outside. We decides to spay her because her profil isn't the strongest and we want to improve, not only reproduce.

Pippi lives in Switzerland with Erica and her Family from mid September 2023. She will live togehter with our SwissDolls Alfa, son of Mirabel von Klettgau and My Epic Boaz. 

Mirabel von Klettgau

Date of Birth 15-3-2022

RAG f 03 (Seal Tortie Point Bicolor)

DNA testet

Bloodgroup A

FIV/Felv neg

Ultrasound , negative for HCM and PKD

Mirabel moved in with us when she was already 6 months.

She was very nervous about almost everything within the household, but as the months past by she is way more relaxed. She loves receiving cuddles and purrs very loud from the moment you touch her. Mirabel is a so called "talker". She makes a lot of funny sounds when you talk to her. Mirabel is very social to other cats. She doesn't like it when there is a lot of noise or strangers visiting.

Mirabel will live her forever life with her son SwissDolls Delta together with a lovely family in Switzerland. She moved mid September 2023.